Stylish Camera for Real Estate Photography 2022


High Image Quality with a32.5 Megapixel( APS- C) CMOS Detector
The EOS R7 highlights a lately evolved and high picture quality32.5 Megapixel APS- C CMOS detector. Intended for strong and successful fax reach, it enables quick continuous firing with fast tone- acclimate, so you can catch alternate by-alternate filmland with clear and amazing slyness.

Fast Firing

Whether you are shooting speeding vehicles, sports, wild brutes, or only life as it works out,
speed is your supporter. The EOS R7 allows you to shoot a quick 15 fps exercising mechanical shutter2,3,
over to 30 fps with the electronic shutter3,4, and with RAW Burst Mode with ½ alternate-shooting,
you can catch the ideal alternate down to the brief moment.

Bursting Fast Autofocus
Catch quick filmland painlessly. constitution’s profoundly responsive Binary Pixel CMOS AF invention utilizes each pixel on the imaging detector to identify the center, covering roughly 100 percent range and height5 with over to 651 zones.

5- mecca In- tone- perception Stabilization with the bus- position technology6
The EOS R7 highlights an IBIS(In-Body Stabilization System) with over 7 stops of shake correction with eased control IS1. This can be a distinct advantage for handheld recordings and low-light photography.


  • Discretionary Mount Adapter EF- EOS R is needed while exercising EF/ EF- S focal points with an EOS R series camera.
  1. While exercising RF focal points that help composed control with camera in-body IS. Testing was performed at a central length of 150 mm exercising the RF- S18- 150 mmF3.5-6.3 IS STM focal point and the EOS R7 camera.
  2. continuous firing pace might be slow because of rudiments, for illustration, hostile to glint firing, opening worth, or battery duration.
  3. Not accessible when Binary Pixel RAW is empowered.
  4. Just while exercising focal points supporting up to 30 shots/ sec.
  5. Just when a focal point supporting 90 H x 100 percent W centering region is joined and the camera is set to Whole- region AF, or when subjects are linked with AF region modes other than Whole- region AF. May not be imaginable to move AF focuses to the edge of the centering region under select scene and subject circumstances.
  6. bus position not accessible while exercising electronic first drape shade mode.
  7. videotape might stop because of battery position, card limit, or inward temperature. Type Advanced single- focal Pointon-reflex AF/ AE camera
    Picture Processor DIGIC X
    Recording Media SD card
    SD card speed class- feasible.
    feasible with UHS-II
    Eye-Fi cards and Multimedia cards( MMC) aren’t upheld.
    feasible Lenses constitution RF- S/ RF focal point bunch( barring EF, EF- S and EF- M focal points)
    While exercising Mount Adapter EF- EOS R Canon EF or EF- S focal points( barring EF- M focal points) Focal point Mount Standard RF mount Center Method Double Pixel CMOS AF
    Number of AF zones accessible for Automatic Selection AF region Vertical Approx. 100 percent x Vertical Approx. 100 *
    Stills Max. 651 zones( 31 x 21)
    flicks Max. 527 zones( 31 x 17) AF Working Range EV- 5 to 20( f/1.2 lens *, concentrate AF point, One-Shot AF, at room temperature, ISO 100)
  • But RF focal points with a Defocus Smoothing( DS) covering.
    Centering splendor range( in film recording)
    Full HD29.97 fps EV-3.5 to 20
    With an f/1.2 lens *, concentrate AF point, One-Shot AF, at room temperature, ISO 100 AF styles AF Method
    Entire region AF
    Spot AF
    1- point AF
    Grow AF Area
    Above, beneath, left and right/ Around)
    Grow AF Area Around
    Adaptable Zone AF
    Likely to descry
    individualities, creatures, Vehicles, No Priority
  • Accessible with( AF Area) set to the Whole region AF
    Center mode switch
    AF/ MF
    Applies when an RF or RF- S focal point without a center mode switch is joined.
    At the point when focal points with a center mode switch are joined, the setting on the focal point outweighs everything differently.
  • Working Environment
    Working Temperature Range 32- 104 ° F/ 0- 40 °C
    Working moisture
    85 or lower

  • Cost: $1499.00

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